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Two-Way Video Webcam, Cam2Cam

Our Cam2Cam feature allows the model to view & hear you from your personal webcam for a completely hands-free experience while in a Private Show. There are no additional fees for this service and we hope you take advantage of this free cam to cam service. Take your flirting to another level on our free cam2cam website.

No need to type to the model for your requests. *Simply speak to the model for more natural communication. Even show off your stuff for the model, bringing you that much closer to the action!

*Audio may not be available for all models.

Even if you are seeing your webcam video here please make sure to install the software & drivers for your webcam before going Private to avoid potential problems.


Not Available

On Mobile Devices

Cam2Cam Tester

Get Flash to see this player.

If you are having touble getting the cam device to be detected please try using Firefox or Edge browsers.

Flash Player Settings: Click "Allow" then click "Close" to test cam.

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All of our live webcam performers are equipped to support two-way video shows. You can broadcast your video during a paid show in any show type except Voyeur and Semi-Private.

Olivia Brian
Olivia Brian
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Lili Nina
Lili Nina
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Agata Bertini
Agata Bertini
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Anastasia Vidal
Anastasia Vidal
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Frequent Questions

What is Cam2Cam?
This is a feature available to all members during private shows. You can show the performer your webcam and talk to the performer if you have a microphone.

The performer will be able to see and hear you for as long as you are in the show. You can stop your camera at any time as well.
What kind of camera do I need?
Any webcam or other video capture device attached to your computer should work if it is compatible with WebRTC, Opus, and VP8.

You can verify that your camera and microphone work prior to entering a paid show with our Test Page.
When is Cam2Cam Available?
VIP members can utilize Cam2Cam during all room states and show types except voyeur shows. Once you login to the show you will have the option to start broadcasting your webcam. Once you start streaming, a window will appear on the performer's interface with your live stream! Only the model will be able to access your video stream.

Note: VIPs will only be able to access Cam2Cam in all room states if they're using the plug-in free WebRTC option available with Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

All other members can utilize Cam2Cam during private and multi-user shows.
The model cannot see and/or hear me.
If you're having trouble connecting to your model via Cam2Cam or Cam2Cam Audio Only, and you're using a WebRTC browser (ie Safari, Chrome & Firefox), please make sure you've followed these steps:
1) Make sure that your webcam/microphone are properly connected. Your device MUST be connected BEFORE initiating a Cam2Cam session.
2) Make sure you have permitted your browser to access your webcam device. If you accidentally denied the browser's request for permission, it can be granted manually. Visit our Cam2Cam page. In the Webcam Testing section, you'll find detailed instructions on how to manually permit your browser to access your cam and mic.

Please note that there is a slight delay in the system as it creates all connections and permissions. You may have your window open and think you are live but the model doesn't see or hear your stream yet. After 30 seconds, if the model still cannot hear you during C2CAO, please make sure you unmuted your microphone.

If you've followed these steps and see that your webcam/microphone are working correctly, then the issue is doubtfully on your end. If some models cannot see your stream but other models can, then the issue is not with your stream and not correctible on your side.
If you've confirmed that your devices are working and a model still says that he/she cannot view your stream, then the model should contact Broadcast Support to rectify the issue.

If you are VIP using C2CAO in open chat and have unmuted your microphone but the model still cannot hear you, then the model should contact Broadcast Support regarding an update.
Which browsers are best for Cam2Cam?
Most browsers support Cam2Cam. For optimal results, we recommend conducting your Cam2Cam session through Safari, Chrome or Firefox, as these browser use WebRTC (Real Time Communication) and require only your permission to access your cam and mic, without downloaded plugins.
My Cam2Cam or Cam2Cam Audio Only session will not start in my WebRTC-compatible Browser.
You must give these browsers explicit permission to access your webcam and mic. If you ignore or deny your browser's request for access, the Cam2Cam and Cam2Cam Audio Only features will not work. To grant these permissions manually, visit our Cam2Cam page. The Webcam testing section includes instructions for multiple browsers. If the problem persists, please contact customer service.
What if I am not using Chrome or Firefox for Cam2Cam?
"Many browsers are now WebRTC-capable. Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and UC Browser for Android are the only browsers that do not support WebRTC.
Why is my model's audio or video delayed or out of sync during a Cam2Cam session?
Due to the global aspect of our service of both model and customer, variables affecting internet connections, and the process of transcoding the model's broadcast stream over our system, you should expect a 3 second variance at this time. As we continue to add servers, expand our reach, and adjust our system, you can expect less of a delay.

If you're experiencing serious delays during a Cam2Cam session, then switching to the Nano player should improve it. Mouse over the player-type button in the bottom left corner of the model's video stream (just above the volume slider) and select the Nano icon. If you find that there is still a significant delay while using Nano, then select a lower resolution. This will relieve some of the congestion created by high bitrates.

If you find that even at a low resolution, the delay is too significant due the distraction of hearing your own voice through the model's video stream, then request that the model lower the volume of his/her speakers so you have less potential to hear yourself.

If serious latency problems persist, please do a speed test, take a full screen snapshot, and then contact our Customer Service team for analysis.
Who can see my Cam2Cam video feed?
No matter which show-type you are in, only the model will have access to your Cam2Cam feed. Other customers will not be able to see you. However, if your microphone is live and active, it may be possible for other users to hear your audio reflected through the model's speakers in Multi-User paid shows .
Can I still use a browser that requires the Flash plugin for Cam2Cam?
No, Flash is no longer supported. Cam2Cam is available to all registered users via Chrome or Edge (ie. a WebRTC-capable browser).
How do I use Cam2Cam Audio Only?
Using the Audio Only feature is not much different than using Cam2Cam, with the exception of selecting the Audio Only toggle and confirming your microphone (not camera) works during testing.
What is Cam2Cam Audio Only?
Using the same system as Cam2Cam, this is an Audio Only feature that permits interactive talking between you and the performer.
When is Cam2Cam Audio Only available?
The Cam2Cam Audio Only feature has the same function and rules as Cam2Cam. VIP members can use the Audio Only feature in everything except voyeur. This includes open chat. Registered users can use it during private and multi-user shows.

Cam2Cam Audio Only is also available via mobile.
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